Hello! I'm Whitney, and I'm all about asking "Why not?"

I have been teaching painting since 2009, and one of my favorite things in the world is witnessing that "click" when a student suddenly sees everything in a new way.

I started the Curious Painter because I believe that the most powerful skill an artist can bring to the easel is curiosity.

Why do we do things one way and not the other? Why can we mix these things but not those things? What happens if I do this? Could I do this differently? What can I learn from that thing that didn't work? Why did the masters do something that specific way - and were they right?

In my own artistic journey I began to notice that the more I developed my own skills and the more I learned, the less questions I felt safe asking. It sometimes felt like there was a hierarchy in art academia, and the higher you got, the less safe it was to experiment.

The Curious Painter is all about bringing the questions back! There is always a place for fundamentals: they're vital to getting you to the place where you can play.

Once you know the rules you can break the rules!

About Whitney

Whitney Michelle Hall is an award-winning artist whose work has been exhibited and collected internationally in major exhibitions, juried shows, and museum auctions.

She has been painting and teaching full-time since 2009. She is experienced in teaching a wide range of media and techniques, with a special focus in in oil painting, pastel and art crayon drawing, animal and equine anatomy, cold wax and mixed media painting, and color theory and design.

Whitney lives and paints in Bozeman, Montana, where she shares studio home space with her fine-art-photographer fiance and their two blue heelers. When she isn't painting or teaching, you'll find her gardening or exploring with a camera in her hand.